3 Ways to Work at Home with Kids

  1. Schedule- having a set a schedule for each day and write down the tasks that need completed for the day. This is something I’ve been working on a lot in 2020 and with all the changes that happened this year I’ve had to learn to give grace too when the schedule doesn’t go according to plan. There will be many hey mom..come look at, where is? moments throughout the day. That leads into my next tip. 
  2. Include them if you can- if they are old enough try to include them so they feel important and that they are able to help contribute too. If they struggle with something it’s a chance for a learning experience and a sweet bonding moment too. If they are younger this is where the schedule helps most so that you can plan the times that work best for you. 
  3. Work when the kids are in bed. I started my business when my son was 2 and during the day I would take care of him then at night once he went to bed I would work on orders. This is always when my husband and I would have time together so he ended up learning how to help in certain parts of the business (I included the part about my husband in case that would be a good moment to mention the other blog where I talk about including your family in your business)

Xo -Jen

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