How I Got Started...

You're 24 year old mom recently married trying to make ends meet. Extreme couponing at night as soon as your husband walks in from work so that he can watch the little one. It gives you a rush after preparing all day and now it’s your turn to go out and provide for the family by getting as much supplies as cheap as possible. That is exactly what life looked like for us when one Christmas I was gifted a gift card for the local craft store from my Mother in Law. I wont lie the card sat for about 6 months before I finally decided what I wanted to make. I went to the craft store and picked out the items needed to create a step stool so our son could reach the sink to brush his teeth. Upon bringing them home I was so unsure my true feelings. You see I always loved crafting but as I reached adulthood I drifted into new things that captured my time. This project turned into so much more than just a project though, it awoken my crafty self! I was reminded of the fun I had as a child crafting with my grandmother during my summer breaks from school and how much I truly enjoy the time when creating. It was relaxing, inspiring, exciting I wanted more! I showed the stool I made on Facebook and expected my next project would be another for our little one and it would remain a hobby. Soon after posting the stool I had friends reaching out wanting similar items and it was then that I realized I could make and sell my items just as my grandmother did except I wouldn’t need to have a storefront I had online resources! I started out with Facebook and Etsy making only items out of wood. Between that and our last name being Wood, Wood Worx Designs was officially launched!

Xo- Jen

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