How to Get Your Family Involved in Your Business

It's not always easy to find ways to incorporate your family in your business dreams however these are some tricks that have worked for our family over the years. First, ask them to pick something that they see you doing that seems like it may be fun. This will probably be harder with your significant other since kids are more eager to try new things. I try to make it fun and let my little one create however he is inspired when it comes to helping to make tumblers. When it comes to the easy but not some fun tasks we have made a sweet deal to reward him for helping out. With your significant other think of things that they enjoy doing and see if your business and brand is able to use that to an advantage. If no, try out areas to see which they don’t mind doing and which help you out the most. If you go live on any platform for your business try some games or extra fun ideas that everyone could be included in so that it’s a fun experience for your family and for your following as well. An example we recently did was a hydro dipped tumbler night where our little one was able to dip a few tumblers in paint colors that he chose and he challenged his dad to make one which turned out better than expected. All of these suggestions are the tips that have helped our family the most as we have adjusted from my business being a hobby to now a steady FT business.

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